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Spartans Security is a wholly Australian owned and operated leading provider of information security consulting services. Specialising only in information security, we assist organisations from all industries and all levels of government to ensure that their information assets are well protected.

Spartans was founded on the belief that independent security consulting, when well communicated and delivered professionally, plays a vital role in managing an organisation’s risk profile and security posture. We provide critical information that helps organisations make data-driven decisions that can optimise internal resources and help them navigate the current cybersecurity landscape with a true roadmap to remediation.

Our technical expert consultants possess a multitude of highly regarded certifications in the information security field, including:

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer™ (CDPSE™)


Offensive Security Certified Professional


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull


The CDPSE certification is focused on the technical implementation of privacy solutions and privacy-enhanced design. CDPSE holders are integral to an organization's privacy program and can facilitate a common understanding of best practices throughout the organization.

CDPSE provides a valid and reliable means for enterprises to identify technologists who are competent in incorporating privacy by design into technology platforms, products and processes, communicating with legal professionals, and keeping the organization compliant efficiently and cost-effectively. CDPSE proves your team has the technical skills and knowledge it takes to assess, build and implement a comprehensive privacy solution while enhancing business value, customer insights and trust—ultimately improving your organization's image. 

The Offensive Security Certified Professional is well-known, respected, and required for many top cybersecurity positions. OSCP certification holders are able to research a network, identify vulnerabilities and successfully execute attacks. This often includes modifying exploit code with the goal to compromise systems and gain administrative access. OSCP Certification holders can identify existing vulnerabilities and execute organized attacks in a controlled and focused manner, write simple Bash or Python scripts, perform network pivoting and data exfiltration, and compromise poorly written PHP web applications.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate is for professionals who want to have an overall understanding of AWS cloud services and cloud computing. This certificate is for technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles who work with AWS Cloud.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential helps organisations identify and develop talent with critical knowledge related to implementing cloud initiatives. It validates cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge.

Proofpoint delivers the most effective solutions to protect people from the threats that target them, the data they work with, their digital activity, and the digital channels they rely on. Our people-centric approach can help fill your cybersecurity gap.

Identify who is being attacked and evaluate their ability to protect themselves. The solution identifies risk through Very Attacked People (VAP) reports, threat simulations, and knowledge assessments. VAP reports provide valuable data like who is clicking on known malicious content and is being targeted the most by attackers. Simulations can utilize templates from Proofpoint threat intelligence to ensure realistic measurements of user risk while knowledge assessments are fully customizable.

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